Monday, April 14, 2008

The 1st Month- Starring Emma Kaylee

Wow, it's been over a month now. Who knew that babies were so much work? Oh yeah, EVERYONE! Emma K's been awesome. God only knows where all of that food goes. It didn't take us long to come up with the "Hungry, Hungry Hippo" song, which sometimes calms her while Erin, or the bottle, get ready.

Erin will be going back to work soon, which is a little scary for her. Fortunately, there's only about 30 days of school before the summer, so she doesn't have to be gone long.
I know pretty much everyone reading this is either family or friends (and most of them already have kids too), but can I just say what an amazing, miraculous blessing it is to see something so small come to fruition after 9 months? Especially when half of those months were spent lying down! It is amazing that something so helpless and needy, that does nothing for itself or for you, can be so loved! I mean really, we live in a world that's all about "what can you do for me?", and yet the most important thing in our world now is this little person who does nothing except ask for us to meet her needs! And then to think, man! God loves me infinitely more than I love this little girl, and I'm just as whiny as she is! Ceaselessly amazing! Have I used that word yet? Hmm. Okay, here's some pictures, which I know is why you actually came to look at this blog anyways!