Monday, May 5, 2008

Going on 2 months

Well, Erin's back at work now, and it's going pretty well. Life has been so awesome with this little girl. She starting sleeping through the night several weeks ago and we thought, "wow, this kid is incredible!"
Then she stopped sleeping through the night! We still think she's awesome, we just think it through dazed eyes again. 22 days of school until summer!

At almost 8 weeks, we're really starting to see some personality come through. She's in love with the Disney's Beauty and the Beast Broadway poster that hangs above her changing table. We can't figure out what it is about that thing, but she'll probably start talking to it long before she does to us!

She's also starting mimicking sounds and gestures. She sticks her tongue out frequently, and has starting cooing and making other "happy noises". She squeezed my arm with both of hers the other day while I was burping her, and I thought I was going to melt. We just can't wait for this summer, when we will be able to watch her continue to develop and become a mobile toot, rather than her current, fairly stationary goober status.