Friday, October 31, 2008

My 1st Halloween

So, since this year is my first Halloween, Mom and Dad decided to do what they apparently do every Halloween- turn off all of the lights and hide in the back of the house! Actually, they did consider taking em out, but since I was having ear infections on a regular basis and it was pretty cold that day, we just stayed in! Maybe next year!
Here I am trying on Mom's "Cat in the Hat" costume (or at least the hat) that she wore to school that day!

I'm so cute- and decent! Notice how I strategically cover myself to remain appropriate.

*yes, this was actually posted 5 months later!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back to School for Mommy and Daddy

Ugh! How cute am I? It's hard to contain me within my crib anymore, now that I'm mobile! Here I was supposed to be napping. Yeah right!

Sitting up was cool and so was rolling over, but I'm on a mission. If I could keep my balance, I'd be running all over the place.

Forget expensive toys, just tickle me with a water bottle and I'm golden!

Summer Ends

In early August we went to Brownwood for my first wedding. We stood outisde most of the time because I wanted to make noise, but I sure looked cute!

Wow, these hotel beds are huge! Especially when you're only 20" tall!

A few weeks later, mommy's Aunt Amy came to visit. She brought me some super cute clothes from Cali!

And these are just some more of me being stinking cute, like always!

Me and daddy wrestling on the floor!
...but eventually I won!

More summer pics

I started trying to crawl this summer, but I wasn't real happy about it. Mommy and Daddy kept making me try, but I got it finally.

So much happier in this picture. There must be food nearby!

In July, we went to Kansas to visit Gramz's mom and dad. I got some new friends along the way, and also had lots of time for napping. These are my freinds Robin Hood and Bella Bunny, they kept me company while I slept.

Aunt Kandy went with us too. She and Gramz had fun with me there.

So did Great-Grampz!